Faith Johnson


Headphones for Connectivity and Contemplation
glass light fixtures and headphone pads, 4″ x 12″, 2011

Artist Statement
Faith Johnson is interested in working with the invisible and internal as visualized and
experienced through metaphor. She explores these intangible spaces by creating surreal
and haunting human poetics through the re-contextualization of everyday objects,
actions/interactions and places.

Faith Johnson has an MFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts through Tufts
University, Boston Massachusetts where she received the Rose Hill Performance Award.
Johnson has shown in galleries and festivals throughout the United States and abroad.
She has performed internationally at the Open Festival in China, Navinki Festival in
Belarus, Tactile Bosch Gallery in Wales England, and is a member of the International
Performance Association of Hildesheim, Germany. Johnson has worked as an artist in
residence at the Newton School of Theology where she researched spiritual forms and
gestures. Currently Johnson manages an art studio for adults with psychiatric disabilities
and has recently taught performance art at the School of the Museum of Fine Art.

Artist’s Website
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